Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm Greener than I was Yesterday!

I plunk down money for reusable shopping bags. I want to use them. I stash them in the trunk of my car. I intend to use them. But then life – busy, busy life – happens and I run into the store for a “quick” trip and forget all about them. I feel guilty standing in the checkout line realizing that I have forgotten them and that I will once again have to use the plastic ones. I consider leaving my cart just long enough to run outside and grab them, but images of people tampering with my cart make me nervous, and so I decide to suppress the guilt and leave with all my groceries encased in plastic. It just seems like the worst form of irony to have your organic produce dressed in plastic – a very bad photo op. But today – today – I vow to use them, and so before leaving the house I take them out of the trunk, place them on the front passenger seat, right on top of my purse where I can’t forget them - or if I do that also means I've forgotten my wallet and I'll have bigger problems than having my groceries bagged in plastic, again. And you know what? Success. I took them in the store - and still almost forgot to use them. (I forgot to tell the cashier I was using my
own, but I caught her after the first bag so I still chalk that one up as a victory!) Now, to make this a habit.


  1. In many European countries, they charge you for the plastic bags. I usually bring my own, or a satchel or rucksack or something like that. In case I do use the store's bags, I 'recycle' them by using them for my garbage cans :)

    It's all about the small steps :) Have a wonderful weekend!

    This Good Life

  2. I wish they did here. It would be an extra incentive to remember to bring them. For example, I ALWAYS remember to bring them in to Target because I know they give me $0.05 off my purchase for each bag I bring in and use. It's not much, and it's not about the money. It's about helping me to remember and making it a habit. Small step number 1 taken; we'll see what step I take next week. Thanks for your encouragement, and, as always, I enjoy reading your posts.



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